INKAS® Israel’s Modification Division provides turn-key technological real-time solutions for various customers and fields. Ranging from worldwide vehicle tracking and force managing tools, encrypted seamless satellite and RF communication video & audio, Bomb & Cell phone Jammers, special Synthetic Vision, innovative Observation systems & automation solutions, to multipurpose vehicles.


Our command & control units can be based on a variety of specifications, vehicle platforms and usage scenarios. We design each one to work as a fully form-fitted and self-contained unit ready to aid as a mobile base at the front commandment lines. These units can be equipped with a vast array of tactical equipment and outfitted with the various technological components in order to ensure their effectiveness regardless of mission scope, size, location or objective.


The jammer systems offered byINKAS® Israel vary in size, applicability and effective range. Our signal jamming installations cover a broad spectrum of frequencies in order to ensure maximal effectiveness when mounted on either the interior or exterior of the vehicle. Our signal jammers can efficiently and effectively prevent radio signals of varying types from propagating within a given radius of the mounting point. These types of systems prove invaluable in VIP and high-value goods transport. Learn more about our Jammer Systems.


We offer both armored ambulance medevac units as well as mobile first aid vehicles with a proven track record of supplying large medical institutions and corporations with high-quality medical vehicles. Our state-of-the-art interior designs, coupled with our spacious interiors ensure the ongoing effectiveness of our armored ambulances. Our ergonomic configurations and highly-customizable layouts make our first response vehicles a great choice when needing to rescue wounded in difficult driving areas and terrains.


We offer unique observation and surveillance units that can accommodate various team sizes and can be configured as covert units if required. These mobile reconnaissance bases are employed all over the world by various law enforcement and investigation agencies in order to aid in the collection of intel using sight, sound and radio signals as primary sources. With various interior layouts available and a wide assortment of technological componentry to install, these highly-customizable recon vans and buses are a great addition to any fleet.


INKAS® Israel develops a globally-utilized and recognized robot carrier for use in bomb disarming missions. This high-precision robotic device aids in safe approach, evaluation and disengagement of explosives on various terrains and elevations. A great deal of research and development went into designing a fully-enclosed system that can effectively perform its duties while being easy-to-maneuver, quick to learn and responsive in its movements.


The anti-riot vehicle, or riot control vehicle, manufactured by INKAS® Israel is both maneuverable and fully armored. This vehicle is designed for use in the law enforcement sector and offers its occupants the necessary peace of mind when driving directly into harmful situations. Equipped with a variety of crowd dispersal and management tools, the vehicle is able to hand itself in the most challenging of situations and maintain versatility at the same time.



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